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We build training programs from sound scientific principles customized to your specific goals 


Fundamentals Not Fluff

Building an athlete is exactly like building a house. Without a proper foundation, you're not going to have a stable house, and slowly, you're going to experience problem after problem. When athletes progress too quickly without mastering fundamental abilities, they get injured, plateau, and fail to maintain longevity in their sport. We address these concerns before they become concerns. By being the absolute best at teaching these foundational skills and building training programs we set our athletes up for reduced risk of injury and greater potential of success. No fluff, just fundamentals.



An educated athlete is a skilled athlete. By providing an understanding of stroke mechanics to the athletes we work with, we help them help themselves. No one-off lesson or training plan is going to improve an athlete's skills. Educating an athlete and then having them swim with the intent to perfom these skills on a daily basis allows the greatest chance for skill development and improvement.


Metabolic Specificity 

We work backwards from your goals to determine what specifics we need to apply to your programming in order to  help you reach them. Whether it be heavily aerobic based training for open water swimming or speed based training for sprints in the pool our programs will be designed by expert coaches to help you reach your goals. 

Undewater Swimmer

Backed By Science

All of our philosophies, training programs, and skill sessions are backed by scientific principles proven in literature


Stroke Economy Development

Looking at the balance between stroke length and stroke rate is essential to improving performance. Improving stroke economy can be a quick way to dropping second, or minutes off your time. Our programs are designed to improve stroke economy so that you can go faster, easier.