Private or small group coaching individualized to the needs of the athlete

Have a professional coach support you, or a small group, in working on specific skills to improve your performance. Discuss beforehand what skills you would like to work on.  


How it works

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Step #1:

Discuss what you want to work on with a professional coach 

If you are currently working with a club team, come to us with some specifics that you want to work on. It's a great idea to ask your club coach for some specifics before getting in touch with us. If you're not with a club team, come to us with some ideas of what you want to work on or create a plan with a professional coach!


Step #2:

Organize pool time, or have a professional coach organize it for you

You can either organize the pool time within the GTHA for your private session, or have us do it for you. 


Step #3

Your coach will meet you at your personalized training session

Meet with your coach and work on skills that will help you perform better!

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