Take Advantage of Time Off

Right now is a unique time for athletes; you've been told that legally you can't train in the normal capacity that you usually do. 

It can seem daunting, anxiety-causing, and stressful thinking about how it's going to impact your future in the sport, but it's also a time to adapt and reflect.

We're no longer training, we're exercising. That means that our focus is on the fitness, health, and wellness benefits from being in the water rather than results-oriented performance factors. 

Rarely do we realize how superhuman we are as athletes. We do incredible things. To focus in on swimmers; we wake up before 5 to go to the pool and then drag ourselves to school and back to the pool again. We train multiple kilometres in the pool daily. The amount of commitment, time, dedication, and effort put into the sport is nothing less than extraordinary, regardless of what level you compete at.

But how often do we recognize that?

Instead, we focus on the qualifying time we haven't hit yet, the swimmer we just can't seem to beat, the goal that seems too far out of reach. As a swimmer who's not on the podium at nationals every single year, you're likely in a constant battle of pushing towards the next big goal and the next big step as a swimmer. Even if you are that swimmer, you're likely caught in the constant struggle of focusing on the next step. 

You are a superhuman regardless.

Right now is a time to reflect on everything that makes you superhuman. The work you put in, regardless of results and achievement. The incredible fitness, health, and wellness benefits that you get from swimming regardless of level. Your results aren't the only thing to be proud of. Be proud of the healthy lifestyle you live! 

Recognize what you do without the complication of results in the way. Think of your process. There's pride in progress. 

What makes you a superhuman swimmer? Comment below. 

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