Welcome To Swimming Stronger!

Swimming Stronger has been a dream of mine for years, crafted on the training principles and lessons I've learned as a young coach privy to mentorship from some of the best coaches on both the Canadian and American junior and senior national teams.

Over my 10-year career as a club coach I've taken bits and pieces from these amazing coaches and crafted my own personal coaching philosophy driven from the lessons learned from the best in the business.

The one element of training that has stood consistent in my learning has been the importance of the fundamentals in laying down a foundation for strong performance and long-term development.

Often, these fundamental skills get overlooked and despite not mastering the basics, athletes continue their progression within the sport.

The lack of foundational skill limits an athlete's potential for long-term sport success and puts them at a higher risk for injury.

In understanding that, the goal of Swimming Stronger is to provide all athletes with the resources and educational opportunities to master or re-learn the fundamental skills of swimming. We are the absolute BEST at teaching the basics.

With a wholesome approach that narrows in on athlete education, stroke analysis and correction, and training programs that help build foundational abilities, training with Mitch will ensure that you're SWIMMING STRONGER.

Thank you for making my dream come true. I'm looking forward to getting to help as many people as possible master the fundamentals.

Yours truly.

Coach Mitch Bowmile

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