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Building athletes to perform better, longer

In The Pool

I've worked worked as a competitive swim coach for over 10-years with a focus on the development of athletes into top provincial and national competitors.

In building Swimming Stronger my vision was to create training and development opportunities for athletes based on the core principles of training that I've learned in my time as a professional coach.

Athletes need to spend time working on the fundamentals

Our camps, clinics, private sessions, video analysis, and training programs are all designed with the idea of small-group high-quality coaching to maximize an athletes education and potential. 

We offer skill development, training, programs, and support for those looking to enhance their performance  


See below to learn more about how we

train our athletes.


Skills Sessions


During each skill session we make sure to go back to the basics. 

Coach Mitch has years of experience in identifying root causes for errors in stroke technique and finding ways to connect to each individual in order to fix them.

Our skills sessions teach fundamentals. Every great athlete, good athlete, and even mediocre athlete are built on the same base of core movement patterns. Most athletes can get significantly faster by going back to the basics and fixing errors in these fundamentals that they've begun to overlook.

Most technical issues stem from athletes progressing too quickly without laying down a strong foundation of these skills. Instead, they develop poor training habits that they can't seem to break.

Slowing things down and educating athletes on the importance of executing the basics properly allows swimmers to maximize their long-term potential and performance. 

Training Sessions

There are no shortcuts, no gimmicks, no fancy instagram workouts that are going to make you perform better, you need to DO THE WORK. 

Our training programs are customized to your specific goals. Training needs to be specific.


We follow the SAID principle (specific adaptations to imposed demands) in designing our program to meet the demands of the event you're looking to compete in. 


 We're building the program around achieving physiological improvements that will shave seconds or minutes off the clock. 


Training for a 200m freestyle or a 10k open water, although both swimming, have extremely different demands.   

Meet with Coach Mitch, discuss your goals, and recieve a customized training program built to your specific training needs. 




It's my belief that resistance training is ESSENTIAL for all athletes. From 8-years-old to 80, athletes should be doing some form of athletic development or resistance training.

The core foundation of our resistance training programs is building efficient movement patterns that help you move better in the pool injury free.


Resistance training has been proven to be a safe and effective way to improve athletic performance and prevent injury in youth athletes. 


Swimmers and aerobic-based athletes are subjected to large volumes of repetitive movement which affects how they move outside of their sport as well. Due to the repetitive nature of the sport swimmers often develop over-dependencies on certain muscles which can lead to potential injury. 

By using resistance training as a means of improving movement patterns, preventing injury, and creating structural balance within the body we can lay down a foundation that will in return improve performance.


Our professional strength and conditioning coaches will run you through a series of tests to analyze your strengths, areas of potential weaknesses, and structural balance to build you a customized program.