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We train our athletes on land to develop athleticism, reduce risk of injury, and improve performance 

Plank of Weights

Quality First

Before we can target specific adaptations to improve performance such as strength, power, hypertrophy, and muscular endurance, we need to ensure a foundation of safe movements done to technical proficiency. Only when an athlete has demonstrated that technical proficiency in the desired movements will we add load (weight) in order to target specific desired adaptations. No loading before technical proficiency is demonstrated.

Image by Sergio Pedemonte

Fundamentals not Fluff

Building an athlete is exactly like building a house. Without a proper foundation, you're not going to have a stable house, and slowly, you're going to experience problem after problem. When athletes progress too quickly without mastering fundamental abilities, they get injured, plateau, and fail to maintain longevity in their sport. We address these concerns before they become concerns. By being the absolute best at teaching these foundational skills and building training programs we set our athletes up for reduced risk of injury and greater potential of success. No fluff, just fundamentals.


Backed by Science

All of our philosophies, training programs, and skill sessions are backed by scientific principles proven in literature

Crossfit Class

Movement not Muscle

Your muscles don't move in isolation, so we don't train them that way. To ensure proper athletic development we train athletes to get stronger in specific movement patterns spanning all three planes of motion to maximize their athletic development.

Image by Scott Webb

Structural Balance

Swimming is a sport of repetition. Repetition-injuries are common without a proper base of dryland skills.  Specific groups of muscles overwork themselves while others are hardly engaged. Creating a structural balance in the body is essential to evening out these differences, eliminating compensations, and reducing risk for injury.