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We teach the foundations of swimming performance in the water and on land to reduce injury and increase long-term potential  



At Swimming Stronger we strive to be the best organization dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of swimming performance in the pool and on land, and teaching those fundamentals exceptionally well. Every elite athlete, great athlete, and even good athlete are all built on stable foundations of proper movement patterns that become the basis of every movement that they use in their day-to-day training. Building an athlete is exactly like building a house. Without a proper foundation, you're not going to have a stable house, and slowly, you're going to experience problem after problem. When athletes progress too quickly without mastering these fundamental abilities, they get injured, plateau, and fail to maintain longevity in their sport. We address these concerns before they become concerns. By being the absolute best at teaching these foundational skills in the pool and on land and building training programs based on sound, well researched scientific principles,  we set our athletes up for reduced risk of injury and greater potential of success. No fluff, just fundamentals.


We provide expert coaching services  


We train on land  


We develop a strong base of foundational skills in our athletes to:

  • Increase an athlete's long term potential

  • Reduce potential for Injury

  • Achieve Longevity In the pool

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I have over 10-years of experience coaching swimming and developing top provincial and national competitors. 

I spent 4-years at Toronto Swim Club focusing on the development of age-group athletes. I coached multiple swimmers to new Eastern National, Provincial qualifying time, OYJ medals, and Festival medals. 

During my time at TSC I was directly responsible for the development of our top 10-12 year-old athletes. I developed training programs that allowed them to establish the necessary skills to progress within our club and within national rankings. 

As an assistant at TSC, I worked with all levels of athletes including several members of Canada's junior national team.

Combined with 6-years of developmental coaching at Mallards Swim Team, my 12-and-under athletes at both clubs have won a multitude of medals at Festival Championships. 

By providing a strong foundation of fundamental and advance technique, sport knowledge, and fitness, I build an exceptional base for developing athletes that allows them to reach new heights in their sport in accordance with their long term development. 

I have also been fortunate enough to mentor with and learn from some of the best developmental coaches in both the United States and Canada. I've spent time working with several members of both the U.S and Canadian National and Junior National coaching staff. Through these experiences I've learned methods and techniques that have shaped some of the best international athletes in the world. 

In addition, I previously worked as the Senior Canadian Correspondent for SwimSwam News, providing unique coverage of Canadian swimming. One of my rolls was to provide expert analysis of international and Canadian swimming. 


  • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • NCCP Swimming Level 2

  • American Swim Coaches Association - ASCA Level 3

  • National Lifesaving Society NLS

  • CPR / AED


We train in the pool 

We train on land

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"I worked with coach Mitch for 2 years, during which I became a better swimmer both physically and mentally. He helped me get stronger in the weight room and work harder in the pool, drawing from his expertise in the sport to push me forward. His dedication and passion for the sport is radiant and reflected in everything he does. It spreads contagiously to his swimmers. He created a motivating, positive and fun environment which helps us reach our personal goals - whatever they may be! 

Aleksa gold 

University of Toronto Varsity Blues 

2019 World Championships

2018 European Swimming Championships

2018 Youth Olympic Games