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Swimming Stronger

We provide expert coaching for swimming and strength & conditioning through clinics, camps, and private lessons in the GTA

support for swimmers of all ages and abilities

Clinics & Camps

Our clinics and camps are designed for competitive swimmers aged 11 & over to learn in a stress-free environment dedicated entirely to skill development.

Upcoming Clinics:


Private Coaching 

We work 1-on-1 with competitive swimmers to help them improve both their swimming and athletic skills

Female Swimmers

Our Team 


Mitch Bowmile, CSCS

I have over 10-years of experience developing swimmers of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals. I'm a certified swim coach in Canada and the United States as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I'm a strong believer that the best athletes are quite simply the best at the basics. On that principal, I started Swimming Stronger to provide athletes with a stress-free opportunity to improve their fundamental skills, sport knowledge, and athletic abilities with an emphasis on supporting their long term development.

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